Vision of the Child has evolved from the single disciplinary contest to a binary affair, namely, the Visual Arts and, the Literary. This provides an interactive challenge designed to stretch youthful imagination and skills across genres. It may yet evolve even further, eventually turning into an artistic Decathlon! For now, participants are expected to express their vision in two creative media. To begin the journey, a theme is set and communicated at a given date. Participants address this theme through a poem, essay or short story of fixed length. Those who scale through this stage will then be invited to a conducive venue, provided with brush, paint and easel and set to illustrate their literary presentation in the sister medium of - Painting. 

Prizes are awarded in each of the genres, then an overall prize encompassing both. We are committed, to put it simply, to stretching the youthful mind in all possible directions. Our commitment is to: CREATIVITY - enlargement of the mind through the shattering of familiar boundaries. The use of art to probe beneath the surface - just as in science, but engaging aesthetic tools to interrogate Reality.


One of the key elements of the VOTC is to hear the voices of the youth & children and equip them to lead change.
The Vision of the Child provides participating children the platform to express their understanding of the world they live in, their vision of what it should be, their dreams and fantasies through Painting and the Literary Arts – poetry, prose, fiction, or essay.

Past Editions

The first edition of VOTC which was launched in April 2012 with the theme ‘The Vision of the Child,the maide n edition laid the groundwork for subsequent editions.

2nd Edition (2013): “The Thousand and One Faces Of Corruption”
3rd Edition(2014):“The Rule Of Law And The Law Of Impunity”
4th Edition(2015):“The Road to Sambisa”
5th Edition: Sisi Eko: Ageing Gracefully? OR Na so so Pancake?
6th Edition: To be announced on January 2017.